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Clearbrooke Technology is a proven industry leader providing life solutions with innovative chemistry designed to protect the environment, improve lives, and harness nature’s pure chemistry.



Wastewater pretreatment programs and odor solutions



Specialty Halal cleaning products for everyday and industrial use



Safe and environmentally beneficial household cleaning products



GMP Industrial cleaning services to take your facility Beyond Green

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This video illustrates an initial cleaning of a heavily soiled latex vessel. Not only are our cleaning solutions environmentally friendly, but they are also exceptionally effective!

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Clearbrooke Technologies is located in the Great Lakes Region proudly serving customers across the country. Our services encompass the following areas: Wastewater Treatment Programs and Odor Solutions, Industrial Processing, and Institutional Applications. We support Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and quality programs such as ISO 14000 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We provide life science chemistry-based solutions for municipal and industrial applications from air scrubbers to wastewater treatment processes. Our technology focus is pH-neutral chemistries that work to eliminate odors, reduce COD/BOD, breakdown suspended solids, fats, oils, and grease which allows a more treatable waste for downstream processes.


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Let us create a custom program, with our proprietary technology, to suit your needs.



Our technicians and scientists possess vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Whether you need assistance with a lagoon restoration, or specialized industrial cleaning services, we can help meet your needs.


Whether its waste water lagoons, or industrial cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing service beyond compare.


Distributorship Opportunities

We currently have territories available for distributorships using our wastewater pre-treatment technology. Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

heading-logo Testimonials

“The Renew Enzyme Sludge Treatments conducted by Clearbrooke Technology have been very effective in reducing sludge depth in the influent cells #1 and #2. Cell #1 has an average depth of 7.6.” Cell #2 has an average of 3.4.” Both cells are down considerably from the 2008 measurements of 10.5 and 9.2 on September 23, 2015.”

~ Jeff Warren

DPW Superintendent

We began using the ReNew Technology in 2008. Odor at the plant was noticeably less after the first day, grease build up was less after one week. Our primary classifier maintained a consistent D.O. of 1.0 ppm. After using ReNew we now maintain a D.O. of 33 ppm in the primary. We also have been able to shut the blower off 8—12 hours a day and saved 60—75 kilowatts daily. We are very satisfied.

~ Ford Hamman

Waste Water Plant Superintendent

The City of Yale has been working with NuSystems for years (2010). This working relationship involves ReNew treatment of our lagoon system for the enhancement of the biological component of the lagoons. During this time, we have seen vast improvements in the testing results of the lagoons. I would encourage every community to consider forming a working relationship with NuSystems as I believe you will be pleased with the result.

I would personally like to send my appreciation for all your support, knowledge, and cooperation with the Village of Birch Run. Your assistance with our wastewater treatment has been excellent throughout the years. We have a great partnership and I look forward to continuing our work together.
Thank You!

~ Marty Hauck

DPW Operator/Foreman

My wife and I own IMR, a family wastewater business, and Clearbrooke has expanded our services with their lagoon bioaugmentation technology. Jeff and his staff have been very supportive from the initial training they provided for us and the subsequent follow-up visits whenever we have asked them to help us with challenging situations. Clearbrooke is always available for consultation and technical questions.
I would recommend their services and products to anyone and look forward to a productive business partnership with them for many years to come.

~ George Salley

Manager of Sales and Field Operations


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Founded over 30 years ago, Clearbrooke Technologies has grown to provide services in wastewater treatment, industrial processing, and institutional applications.