Clearbrooke Technologies Launches Toll Manufacturing Service

Clearbrooke Technologies, formerly NuSystems, specializing in Wastewater Treatment Programs and Odor Solutions, Industrial Processing, and Institutional Applications, recently launched its state-of-the-art Toll Manufacturing facility and consultation services under its Clearbrooke Enterprise subdivision.

The purpose-built facility in the Great Lakes Bay region offers complete concept-to-bottling manufacturing processes, labeling capabilities, and shipping needs.

“Whether your product is in the development stage, or you are reformulating a current product, our core area of expertise will help companies simplify and streamline the process from concept to market,” said Jeff Grames, President, Clearbrooke Technologies. “Our manufacturing facility is designed for optimum productivity while maintaining efficiency. We are prepared and equipped to fulfill the business needs by offering cost-effective manufacturing from basic lab-scale set-ups to full commercial production.”

The enhanced toll manufacturing solution offers custom chemical blending capabilities, including small-to-large batches of liquids to meet custom specifications, Halal certified batching rooms, blending solids into liquids, solid-to-solid blending and packaging, and use of purified water USP. The facility, designed with climate-controlled material storage and bottling room, also has operational scalability, including small-batch homogenizer, incubation, heating, proper refrigeration, precision batching by weight with calibrated scales, multiple size blenders, 330-gallon HDPE tanks, and Grade 316 stainless steel liquid handling tanks of up to 750-gallon capacity.

With extensive experience in labeling, blending, and bottling household chemicals and personal care products, Clearbrooke Enterprise also offers complete chemical packaging services. Their custom packaging solution includes versatile, high-speed filling and bottling lines with a built-in automatic wrap-around labeler for bottles ranging from 2 ounces up to a gallon, packaging pails, and totes. The on-site quality control laboratory ensures product quality and conformity through rigorous quality assurance, microbial testing, viscometer, pH testing, precision incubator, and laboratory oven. The facility can also receive and ship out products quickly with bulk vehicles, including tanker trucks.

Clearbrooke Technologies’ recent move to an expanded facility in Freeland, Michigan, has enabled a significant increase in the production of commercial and residential products. With a commitment to producing the highest quality products, the newly unveiled toll manufacturing facility aims to equip businesses across the country with better support, guidance, and confidence to introduce new and innovative ideas in the market successfully.

For more information on the Toll Manufacturing service or a guided tour of the facility, contact 989.625.5020.

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