Clearbrooke Technologies Reduces, Eliminates and Prevents Sludge Buildup

Sludge: the buildup on the bottom of wastewater lagoons; a slurry of undigestible matter and excess nutrients that settle from the wastewater above. A small amount of sludge in a
wastewater lagoon is generally of little concern, but as it builds it can cause many problems.
Most noticeably, an odor issue can come from gases forming in the sludge, leading to
complaints and possible legal action

Increase in Sludge Equates to Reduced Lagoon Capacity

Sludge can also reduce the capacity of a lagoon, which is essential to treating the wastewater
flowing into it. Every inch of sludge can reduce capacity as much as 81,000 gallons! The less
capacity there is, the faster it will fill up; meaning there is less available time for contaminants to be removed from the water. This could impact a lagoon’s ability to meet discharge limits.

Unnecessary Costs

When the sludge levels become too high, removal is necessary. This can cost millions of dollars depending on the size of the lagoon and the amount of sludge to be removed. Depending on the method, removal can also take precious treatment space out of commission for a time and risks breaches in the lining of the lagoon. This cycle of sludge buildup and pricey removal is inevitable in the life of a lagoon… or is it?

Patented Enzyme Technology

By using our patented enzyme technology aimed at harnessing the power of bacteria in a
lagoon, sludge can be reduced, slowed, and even prevented! Clearbrooke Technologies has
created a sludge reduction program using a unique blend of enzymes designed to enhance
nutrient breakdown. This helps bacteria and microbes work harder and faster to break down
tough nutrients in the water column, meaning less volume added to the sludge. The sludge layer itself is being reduced by the lagoon’s native bacteria, no need to add bugs!


Customers have experienced a sludge level reduction of up to 20% in the first year alone. Other customers have had such a great reduction that they don’t even have enough to take a

As a bonus to sludge reduction, wastewater treatment lagoons using Clearbrooke Technologies unique sludge program have also seen several improvements in the overall health including:

  • Increased and more stable Dissolved Oxygen levels
  • Reduced general odor and turnover odor
  • Reduced need to add alum, ferric, and polymer.
  • Reduced TSS

To schedule a free facilities survey, contact a Clearbrooke Technologies wastewater treatment representative at 989.625.5020.

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