Clearbrooke Technologies Spearheads Clean Chemical Industry

We’re moving forward – with a new name, bigger location, and more staff to serve you!

Clearbrooke Technologies, formerly NuSystems, focuses on blending science and nature to achieve environmentally friendly solutions to protect and clean the world around us. 

Since our early beginnings, Clearbrooke Technologies has continued to work on wastewater treatment programs and odor solutions, as well as expanding into industrial processing and institutional applications. Clearbrooke currently has four subsidiaries: Clear+Water, Clear+Way, Clear+Well, and Clear+Wash”. Each of these subsidiaries has its own unique focus: Clear+Water focuses on wastewater pretreatment programs and odor solutions, Clear+Way centers on specialty Halal cleaning products for everyday and industrial use, Clear+Well promotes cutting edge technology for both commercial and household cleaning, and Clear+Wash offers highly specialized GMP industrial cleaning services. 

Our recent move to Freeland, Michigan has doubled our facility size, as well as allowed us to greatly increase production. The move precedes the release of two new commercial and residential product lines: Halal cleaning products, and an organic, enzyme-based household cleaner that continues to clean even after being washed down the drain in the initial use. Clearbrooke President, Jeff Grames, notes, “We are very happy to stay in the Great Lakes Bay Region where we have raised our family. We are proud of our community and are looking forward to growing in it and providing jobs to even more hardworking residents.” 

Should you have any questions about wastewater distributorships, or product purchasing, please contact our director of Sales and Marketing via email at or directly at 989.327.9383

Also, if you have any questions about billing or new products please visit our website at

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