Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

Clearbrooke Enterprises, a division of Clearbrooke Technologies, maintains refined equipment and a highly trained team, essential to service all your company’s toll blending, private labeling, and packaging needs. Our manufacturing facility is designed for optimum productivity while maintaining efficiency.
We are prepared and equipped to fulfill your business needs by offering cost-effective manufacturing from basic lab-scale ups to full commercial production.

Private Label

Whether your product is in the development stage or you are reformulating a current product, guiding the process from concept to market is our area of expertise. We offer full consultations from start-to-finish in our state-of-the-art quality control laboratory that will ensure all products are created with the highest degree of care.

Custom Chemical Blending Services

Capabilities include:

⦿ Small-to-large batches of liquids to meet custom specifications
⦿ Halal certified batching rooms
⦿ Blending solids into liquids
⦿ Solid-to-solid blending and packaging
⦿ Use of purified water USP

Filling Line Specifications

⦿ High speed filling
⦿ Bottles and closures
⦿ Lot coding
⦿ Automatic labeling
⦿ Packaging sizing ranging from 2fl oz. – 128fl oz.
⦿ 5,000 units and up with no maximum

Specialty Lab Equipment

Our onsite quality control laboratory ensures product quality and product conformity:

⦿ Quality assurance
⦿ Microbial testing
⦿ Viscometer
⦿ pH testing
⦿ Precision incubator
⦿ Laboratory oven

Benefits for Your Company

⦿ No capital investments
⦿ Outsourcing allows for personnel downsizing and cost savings
⦿ Increase operating capital by decreasing maintenance expenditures
⦿ Predictable costs allow for better financial forecasting
⦿ Tolling, bottling, and packaging expertise on-site
⦿ Ease regulation changes for in-house operations
⦿ In-house industry expertise specific for tolling, bottling, and labeling operations

Manufacturing Capabilities

Clearbrooke Enterprises has the tools, personnel, and capabilities necessary to serve all your toll blending and bottling needs. Our purpose-built facility is designed for high efficiency, allowing us to serve the growing demands of your business. Our state-of-the-art facility provides complete concept-to-bottling manufacturing processes, labeling capabilities, and shipping needs. Additionally, we offer in-house expert consultations and guidance. Our toll manufacturing solutions will guide you down a path to success!

Manufacturing Equipment

⦿ Climate controlled material storage and bottling room
⦿ Multiple blenders (from 1 liter to 750-gallon capacity)
⦿ Grade 316 Stainless steel liquid handling tanks (750-gallon capacity)
⦿ 330-gallon HDPE tank
⦿ Benchtop glass and stainless steel
⦿ Bottling line with capacity to package
⦿ Precision batching by weight with calibrated scales
⦿ Small batch homogenizer
⦿ Small batch incubation, heating, and accurate refrigeration

Custom Packaging Services

Offerings include:
⦿ Versatile filling and bottling lines with a built-in wrap around labeler for bottles ranging from 2 ounces up to a full gallon
⦿ Complete chemical packaging services
⦿ Capabilities to package pails, bottles, and totes
⦿ Facility can easily receive and ship out with bulk vehicles, including tanker trucks
⦿ Experience with labeling, blending, and bottling household chemicals and personal care products

Call 989.625.5020 for a guided tour of our facility and a free consultation from one of our bottling and tolling experts.